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The Sex In Heaven

The Sex In Heaven

Part III

A visions of Reality

First Thing to remember about Heaven - is a Place where creations who dwell in the mansions, and there will be streets of Gold that was sorounding by a  radiant Light, and  All the angels were Guarding the Place, all creations are singing, playing, and there have created angels on different forms and looks which appear to have 4 wings, 6 wings, and  also 8 -12- winged angels.
There'll be a private place where the secrets is hidden in the Kingdom and that was
Sex In Heaven. You could'nt ask for more if we get there in the fantasy of magical world of God. The Only Thoughts that's what will came to our mind is Joyful and Happiness.

Things to be remember when we are in Heaven :
1. Joyful & happiness is a creation
2. The Life is Changes everyday
3. Wisdom is endless
4. Talent is an art of God
5. sadness and broken hearted was a part of Test.
6. Life has no ending.
7. God is the Completeness of Everything.
8. Make a Wish
9. You will have a new ability to record your Life like visions.
10. Heavens is countless

The God and his Goddesses
The God with his Persons

Raina and Shaiya

In the Story of Goddesses Ettaine she was divided into two : 
One of Light and One of Darkness. 

Shaiya is a Goddesses of a multiple being of two persons of Light and Dark. In the Wisdoms of all Wisdoms they were existed a Godlike. The God Has many wives some of them have wings and others has an angelical beauty. I have Shown many things of what was the appearance of Babes in Heaven. The Babes in Heaven could really be Attractful by our natural eyes and their body parts were very Tempting, each of them is Differently to the others, the private parts were so nice to look but I could'nt look any longer, I was  feel shyness, Tempting and Ignorant. I will be explode on my Lust of seeing this beautiful creations. I have studied each of them, this was the arts of Lust, they are so nice to look, uncomparable to the women on earth because they are Only Ordinary but the Heavenly Babes is so Gorgeous, and if I get into research of what was the most naked Gorgeous women but could not find any match with this. The eyes so Tempting that could really be attractful, even their voices so powerful. when talking of Sex they were expert of everything, Touching, Body Language and Lips, and also an eye contact. They has a special abiltity to turn their whole body into Lust and change the aura to Lustful, When they Dance sexy I could be burst, My Heart has Change into Desires of Flesh I could not resist into orgasm. They are Like Foods very yummy, everyday I feel Different kind of lust, very meaningful. I remember my Life in College, I was in a night club the Babes Dancing sexy and the Temptations so Close, the womens saying' touch mine'. oh no what should i do I am virgin, I am a religious person and I fear God and Im not let myself doing this sinful things. greatfully i have passed the Test Of Temptations. I have notice it. that the Night Club girls has a Demons working with it and couldn't be trace by anyone if they were really seized them nor they exist. but convince me belief that they are controlling over them, ahmm.. way back to my previous Girlfriend when ♥ I am with her together   in the Kaamulan Festival, I have noticing two People on my behind then my Girlfriend was ♥ flirting me , The One said: your Girlfriend is flirting you, so take this oppurtunity, the other one: yes take him in a one side. but I don't really know that they were demons, but my girlfriend noticing it, oh is your neighbor? no! I don't Know them, they are Strangers!!. 

Dreams and Visions

When I was Dreaming I saw Gorgeous womens, I see a beautiful women the appearance is can’t explain by my two eyes it looks like her hair was a corn and has many seeds of a golden color she have a greecian dresses totally beautiful and her skin is too white with a reddish color, She tour me in Heaven his voices and his accent too lovely, we were holding while seeing womens passing us. All is beautiful and I was the Only man with surrounding by a gorgeous womens oh.. Heaven I love Heavens, they have Different auras that could attract myself to them but the Girl who have with me is an aura who could with me for all eternity.

Another visions showed me, It was like a dimensional world, I saw naked Babes  no man was around but Gorgeous womens. They were playing Games in a stadium and they were so naked, the culture is uncomparable to us this is not what like earthly things but differently so unique, their accent of voices is what considered them an aliens or outside from our eternity.

The next visions was I saw a Babes an Angelic being and they’re  trying to tempting me, they were also naked with holding a bow and arrow they were supposed to be my wives and they treat me like an archangel, so tempting with their voices and actions. Then on the other darkside was a babes demons they’re supposed to be a rivalry of angels on me, They were trying to rape me and tempted me by this demon babes but too shyful for me How could this be a demon women could rape a person like me… 

The visions of Sex In Heaven
The visions of a Heavenly creations, i was showing Heavens and There was a Throne who are someone sitting on it and it is God, He was sorrounded by a Glamourous womens and they were Dancing simultaneously, and i Heard a Drum that will fits to them, and He was revealed me that Gorgeous womens is a creations where no end, a countless. There must be gorgeous than gorgeous than this and this is no end. and suddenly I was seeing a beatuiful place and the Heavenly Babes I saw was naked, and i was Puzzled, I was seeing myself There, oh what is this!! I was sorrounding by them and myself was running away, I was very powerless, This Glamourous womens was possess it by Lust, They are Hunger of Sex, and I knew why I was runnning away, it is God who made me coward and scraredful for Sex. and I was Caught up, and overwhelmed by a Lust, and squirt.

 Then another vision Showed me

The Sex Place a Place where in Heaven doing Intercourse, those who will be Greater from Sex, will be The Goddesses of Sex, and those who will be great in Lust and Temptations will win and  rewarded and she will be possesses by a Powerful Lust and Wisdoms of it. I saw visions of sexual activities in That Place. 
The Partners are so active in the act of expressing themselves, The orgasm is continuous into his Deepest Pleasures, a such thing that should'nt be stop, Squirts on All over the Place,This was the Heavenly Greatest Pleasures. The Total Attractivenesss of Temptations was overpowering in the Heavens, This was not a sin, This is from the Approval of Almighty God, even Angels Allowed to be Watchers over them. if this was not Allowed, it  be considered an incomplete Eternity for Heavens of Eternal Enjoyment. Life is Just A Game Like How we Played it, together with a mate.

The 300 Sex Instructors In Heaven
There was an Institutions in Heavens in which, They were Teaching The Different Technique of Sex, Only The First Timer will be teach up, those who do the Sex on Earth without Obeying The Rules of the 10 Commandments and also Sex Without Marriage will not be Allowed in it. They Have a Record Already from your past Life, it be considered as dirty or wicked people who disobey the God. and not parcipated for his Great Plan of Arranging Eternities and not Preaching the Gospel.

There are Two Kind of Sex: The Good & Evil, but Good person who have Sex without mariage are considered Evil but Evil person who have Sex After Marriage are considered Good.

We Cannot Deny the Fact that Sex are Exist Everywhere but as long You Know God and forget yourself and Follow Jesus Christ will be Nothing Happened to you, Remember God Jesus is Virgin as what He said: Be Holy Because I am Holy, which means be clean and not be Tempted, Only You Follow The Orders from 

As What  God Jehovah says this to you?
-Be Virgin for I am Holy and is Imppossible to sin.

The 300 Sex Instructors - Actually I know Nothing from them, but they were The Girls of  My Dreams, and They are My Wives and My Sex Instructors. Jesus Tells me: that After I Die at the Age of 32, I will be undergoing by a Sex Instructors, as Long as I wanted, He will Gave me Shaiya My #. 300 Sex Instructors. She's the Girl of My Dreams. God created me to reach All My Desires and not be led into astray.

The Arts of Lust

Will There Be Sex In Heaven? If I will be The God, I will not allowed you to it.  Myself would be better for my own pleasure then you are not worthy, I saw yourself before you know of yourself. In the eyes of me you are a foolish  creations knowing Good and Evil. Since the desires of Lust could not be entrusted by any of you, I, The God will not Allowed you In of The Sex In Heaven. Only me and Myself and my chosen Ones would be worthy of the Sex In Heaven. Those who are not virgins will be in the outside of my playground. 

- Almighty God

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The Total Destruction of Satan

The total Destruction of satan
The Ultimate Destruction of Satan 
(April 20, 2013)
In the evening,  God was said that there was a signs coming. and I've just Observed everything
First sign -There was Burning of Houses in 6 pm in The evening.. 
Second signs - There was Flashes of Lightnings Signs From Above.   
Third Signs - Cockroach everywhere 
  Fourth signs - Killed of Large Rat

After Done Praying in The evening, And There was came voices ofSatan, his voices calling me to worship Him, and I saw an Illussions Altar in my room, and HisTrying to Traping me and whispering me to Kneel into His Altar, And he wants me to Have a contract of selling my souls to Him and the demons do the same of Satan, They inserted a thoughtsof worship. until came Flashes of Lightnings Signs from Above. There was been raining, Then Satan quickly Tempting me, They Force me to Worship  and to fall down my knee to the Illussions Altar of Satan. and the rain Falling down on the Ground, They are all in panic and the demons started Shouting and screaming. For just a 2 minutes. There was Happened that didn't not expecting. I Heard groans and moans from Satan and his demons side

The sounds of what I was record was:(whoa whoaaaa..) it was an agony, an acid that impact that create a powerful pain, There was sounds of lesser and Flame From God Almighty, and Satan was burned with his demons. I have Heard Hell, I am Trembling. my senses of Hearing was totally sensitive Then there was a silent, Satan was in sigh's, Then he was said it to me, (edwin Foolish, edwin foolish!!. ). Then he begin cursingGod (usba pa!! usba pa!!! usba pa!!!) < Do again!! Do again!!! Do again!!! And God was answered his wishes, and He Begin to Shout They were All screaming and TorturingBy God, and I've Heard sounds of Knuckles, Satan was Shouting:

( Kill me? Kill me!!! Kill me!!! Kill me God!!! Kill me? kill me? kill me!!! ) The sounds of Powerful Knuckles from God (Tugss Boggss paggssss paggss..) Then it was Faster and Fastier and Fastiest Satan's says: (kill me!!! kill me!!! Kill me!!! Kill me!!!) God was totally in an Anger, continuing punching and without stopping, satan was in an Punching Bag. 

Satan Has Broke The Laws of celestial Rule of God.

He was been in a Trap by God. I heard sounds of Lasers from God Almighty ( tsugss tseegss tseeegs) too crucial, totally in agony Satanwishing to Die from pain, because it was totally Hell, it was impossible to endured that was continuing until Morning, no rest.  

April 21, 2013

 Then I was wake up, and I heard voices from Satan(Kill me!!!! Kill me!!!! Kill me!!!!)  (Kill me!!! kill me God!!! Kill me God!!! Kill me!!!) <continuing> Satan wants to vanish and wishing to Die and begging to God. by an automatic Death but it cannot be found in God. it was merciless, ( I want to Die God, Kill me!!! Kill me!!! The sounds of what I was recording from Satan(Kill me!!! Kill me!! Kill me!!! The next Happened was worst : ( wahh.. ahhg ahg ahg ah...) it was a sounds of Hell. (ah.. Ah.. oah oah..) I am Trembling, I was Heard Hell.. Satan was totally in Torment. Satan is speaking in a Filipino Language of Bisaya.. They are all expert in all Languages of men.. 

(Patya ko.. Patya ko!!! patya ko!!! patya ko..) Bisaya, (Kill me!! Kill me.. Kill me!!! He speak both Filipino and english Language. (wah ahhg ahg ahg ahh.. ah.. ahh.. oah oah... There was sounds of Fire from Hell. (patya ko..!!)  next was amazed me:  (hahaha haha hahaha haha.. hahaha) He is Laughing Like santa's Tickle but evil sounds.  (edwin foolish.. edwin foolish.. haha haha haha haha) He is Laughing with pains. because He can't do anything Only to scream and wish God to kill him.The Demons too was in torture (Tama. nah!!! Tama. nah!!! Tama. nah!! Bisaya (Stop That.. Stop... Stop That... noooo.. ) continuing agony.  And satan was in rest and escape from pain.. but The Punishment was continue Later on.  satan is trembling and He Only do was to Laugh while seeing His demons was in Torture. (haha haha) The Laughing of satan is echoing me all around. That was a powerful voice Like Microphone.. an archenemy's power.. and satan was in torture again(oh.. oh.. ohh..owh... owh..!) demons voices  ( Dili naku. Dili. naku.) Bisaya. ( we refuse.. we refuse..) satan is laughing seeing demons in agony.. Demons says ( Ang Ginoo Gamhanan kaayo.., some demons sayings: criminal) Bisaya.  (God is so very Powerful, other says: criminal) Demons (ahg.. ahg..ahg.. Ginoo malouy ka!!... (ahg.. ahg.. ahg.. Have mercy God!!..)  satan says (Dili.nako mousab!!!! Dili. nako mousab!!!! (I will not repeat .. I will not repeat) God was Full in anger. 

I Heard Demons says(Owning!! First Blood!!) I heard that was from Dota Game of Frozen throne. their sounds was look like them.. (First Blood!!!! Ownich..!!! First Blood!!) (Mega Kill!! Mega Kill!!) They're means was They want to Die, because They Feel extremely pain and undescribale torture from God. The could Only rest up to 5 mins. and still it will be continue Later on. demons whispering: (I can't endure the pain... I want to Die... I want to Die...!!!) some demons says to me: I will not Tempting in you again edwin..(pray me to God) I heard excruciating pain, The Deepest pain you could'nt imagine... They can't resist the pain of The powerful Anger of Almighty God Then crowd of Demons Shouting( Ahg.. Ahg... ah.. ah.. Ahg.. ahg.. ah.. ah..) that was the most insulting torture, I've ever heard from sounds. 

They were raping by an unsual sharp objects, that create powerful pain. that was more than crucifixion  a thousand folds of Hell, I was in Tremble, I was Hearing Hell, I want to pray but I am scared God was in an anger. Satan was totally Destroyed from Flame and from the Destruction,  by all Torment and torture. They are all Destroyed, their flesh was totally open from wounds but no Blood, I could feel Them. There was sounds of powerful Laser, Satan was in  a Total Destruction. (patya na si satanas!!!) (patya nah.!!!(Kill satan!! kill!!!! That was the most worst of ever  worst, because it was a pains of Billions Hell. (patya ko Ginoo ko!!!..) (my God Kill me!!!.. I saw signs from outside The Large Rat was Dead  and Satanechoing me (edwin I will Kill you!!! edwin I will Kill you!! (edwin I will kill you!!! I will Kill You!! ahg.. ah.. ah.. ah.. Satan is still raping by a powerful force of destruction.

I Know now and Understand what really means by Powers  - power is all what in your  thoughts  are making impossible to possible.  
Satan voices (edwin) (I) (will) (Kill) sounds from laser, tsugs tsugs.. ahg ahg.. whoa.. whoa.. (you...) (edwin I can't endure this pain.. free me.. free me..)
Demonscursing me (This was your fault, because of your prayer to destroyed us.. Satan sayings (edwin I'm in pain, This is pain.. edwin.. I can't survive.. i can't survive (edwin.. I want to die, huhu hwoag..) Satanis still raping  (edwin.. I can't take it long.. i can't.. edwin kill me... edwin kill me!!! demons sayings (Kill me God .. kill me God!!! this is your fault boy, This is what you've done (This is your fault!! Stupid!! God Have mercy on us!!) next voice of Satan was  (edwin forgive me.. forgive.. stupid!!! Stupid!!.. Stop that .. stop)  (I can't stand the gross of powerful force) Satan again..(edwin f*ck don't write me a shameful thing)  (I am Destroyed) (I am destroyed) satan was still raping continuing..  (edwin I do not so to live.. i do not so to live..) (God what should I do.. Stop this!!! He cursingGod (God This is too much.. too powerful.. this is severely pain The next happened was too worst, it is getting worst and worst and worst. Satan was in raping, destoyed, in his total pain of Destruction, undescribable  (very pain.. I can't endured the power.. too powerful.. (oah oh.. oahg oah.. ohg oahg.. oah.. ohh.. oahg..oh..)

 (i am totally destroyed.. Please God stop this...very pain.. oahg..) Satan is vomiting  (yawa. na ni ron..)expression of filipino bisayan language.. Satan is vomiting of stool from his inside. (yawa. stool.. stooool... yawa. na ni ron... stoool..) (this is gross.. too gross..) (oh God this is pain..this is pain)  

Many to be write, but that's up for now.  the next happened was so sadly hearing from Satan voices (edwin I want to rest, stop praying to God). (stop praying) 
I wan't to stop but The voices of God was  just continue doing writing so that we have a testimonies.. 

The next happened was too Horror, Satan and his demons shouting (Kill us!! kill us!! more than horrofic films i've ever been heard in my ears, my senses are wide open and sensitive. Satan voices was (We will worship to JE ZEUS.. To JESUS.. to JE ZEUS  ZEUS..) God was still torturing them, until Satan sayings (vengeance... vengeance... vengeance!!! Satanwas in a worst condition.

He was in a chainsaw massacre by a power of God. And The Demons was hiding inside all of cockroach to hide from The anger of God. They were begging to die by an instant death, all demonswas trembling inside all the cockroach, and they can't stand the pain. they were all falling down from the floor..  They tried tempting me, because they can read my thoughts and sees inside me. .  They feel what i feel, but they feel double, they feel me and they also feel pain. they can see everything, they tried tempting so that the Wrath of God will upon me.. I heard Demons talking outside, they are all scared and tremble from the sight. They are inside of men and women hiding, like a place or temple where they can live,  but these men and women were totally Blind of what was really happening Childrens crying everywhere, the demons was inside them, because they can't stand the pain They want to cry from childrens inside, Satan still cursing me (kill that boy..) they are still in torment.. but the evil plan is going throught. This is not from Hallucination, it was a Trap of God for Satan. Satan was in prison in Hell, but soon he will came back out of prisons to Destroyed us into another generations..

Thursday, January 31, 2013


My Hallucination Experienced”.hell_inside_earth
The Mental Assylum was very Unexpected, I can’t Believed I was There, I considered That Place a ”HELL”. The smell of That Place is very disgusting, The Patients there was Throwing their Filty thing,  The Prison cell or Mental Isolation was unacceptable for me, How could a very Good person like me who was getting there, but whatever reasons, I need to be escaped. The People there was very violent, They show no mercy, they are restless and did’nt sleep or eat much, The smell is not recognizable because the don’t have take a bath for How many weeks or months, But the most ashamable man there was “me” I was fully naked and the peoples around was saw me, and my face slide at the toilet bowl, very unpleasant for me. How poor!! Seeing myself there. . Then I was suddenly Teleported to the other isolation (mental prison) then I heard a very insulted words that very ashame to hear, I Feel myself in an Outside World Experienced. And I Saw many visions of People who was In Hell, then suddenly there was falling on my back, it was worms crawling in my behind then I saw people being tortured and handcuff and working in Lava w/ no rest. I considered This Place a Hell, it is under the earths core and I am not mistaken, There are Ground w/ people being prison. They are in agony and very In a pain. Then suddenly I saw my  Fraternal Brother there, he was pleading me to get away from there, And said “brod. Do you recognized me? It’s me Dod’z your Bestfriend. Then I saw people around in a very High prisons with many prisoners, The Hell was unending cell, The ground prisons was very deep, it looks no end. .  The Hell has Different stages of Torment, The demons was trying to burn a fire under a prison cell and it will be Getting Hotter and Hotter and the person whos inside was seriously screamed. The people there was begging to free or wishing to die. It was unexpressable then I heard God, He was spoke in me And said’ How can I help you, when you are separated from me? Why you had Lost it your cross? That will save and free you in times of Dangers, Then myself was make a sign of  a cross with my hands and I saw piece of stick and formed a cross, while I was holding it. The God was connecting my cross to His power it was a sling or rope And He take me out on that Place, And I was back in my world And Found myself in a  Isolation place or mental prisons. That was year 2010 December 2, it was my second time. 2008 was my first appear in that Mental Hospital.
Ground Prisons of  Hell Looks " No End"
brod. dodz
My Fraternal Brother

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jesus And Father Are One

Jesus And Father Are One
Jesus and Father are One
Before Abraham was "I am"
I and Father are "One"

John 7:28
You both know Me, and know Where “I AM from; and I have not come of Myself,
but He who sent me is true, whom you do not know.

John 7:29
 But I know Him, for I am from Him, and he sent me.”

John 8:14
Jesus answered and said to them, “Even if I bear witness of Myself, My witness is true, 
for I know where “I came from” and where I Am going; 
but you do not know where” I come from” and where I am going.

John 8:16
“And yet if I do judge, My judgement is true; for I am not alone, but I am with the Father 
who sent me.

John 8:19
Then they said to him,” where is your Father? Jesus answered, “You know neither Me nor My Father. If you had known Me, You would have known My Father also.”

John 8:28
Then Jesus said to them, “when you lift up the Son of Man then You will know that I Am He, And that I do nothing of Myself; but as My Father taught Me, I speak these things.

John 8:29
And He who sent Me is with Me, The Father has not left Me alone
for I always do those things that please Him.”

John 8:42
Jesus said to them,”If God were your father, you would love me, For I proceeded Forth 
and “Came from God,” nor have I come of Myself, but He sent Me.

John 8:54
Jesus answered “If I honor myself, My honor is nothing. 
It is My Father who honors Me, of whom you say that He is your God.

John 8:55
Yet you have not known Him, but I know Him. . And if I say, ‘I do not know Him,’ I shall be a liar like you; but I do know Him and Keep His word.

John 8:58
Jesus said to them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, “I Am.”

John 14:9
He who has seen Me has seen The Father;

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Reality Of God

December 21, 2012

The Reality OF God

God is empty mind
God has no emotion
God Feel no Love
God Feel No Fear
God Feel no mercy
God Feel Nothing!!
He is Not an Ordinary God
He is a Multiple Spirit with 288 Persons
God is not Good or Evil but he created them for a simple meaning of Life.
God Wisdom is created.
God have reach Eternities, The Alpha & Omega
Before God created Angels & Man he was already know the Ending.
The Book of Life was already done before mankind created, Our name was Already Written but for those who are wicked are not listed in it. The Judgement was already set. His Judgement was righteous and he is sinless and broke no Laws.. Our Eternity are already arrange by God.

The Questions? About God.

Who Are your Creator?
My Answer: is Jehovah, Holy Spirit and Jesus are Together Who Created Universe and Man.
How God Become Trinity?
My Answer: is God have already a Holy Spirit inside of Him and He has a Son named Jesus inside on a womb of a Father.
How many Persons Does a God?
My Answer: is a God have many part on his inside and it is Known as “Persons” of a face of God like a Twin have the same faces and he is well-known as Trinitarian God.

Who is God?
My Answer is: God is a Spirit with no Flesh, no heart and has no body of a Man.

Who is Jesus?
My Answer is: he is the Son of the Father and He is also a God, his mission is to destroy the work of evil spirits and save mankind into everlasting Destruction and are  way to dispell the cursed of Good & Evil Wisdom that ate by Eve and Adam that Tempted and influence by Satan in the Garden of Eden.

Have God Send Now a days a new Messiah?
My Answer is: Yes, He will Send his Sons and They will be called ”Change of Hearts” The God of Darkness and Lightness” he is One but have two persons of Devil and Angel, They are also Twins but a One God from a womb of a Father.

Is It Possible that a man will be a God?
My Answer is: Yes, it is possible. to make him a God he will be inserted by a Spirits of a God,  This spirits are also God inside of the Father. And They Will Crowned Him “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” because he will save man and Fallen Angels and He will be Angel, Devil and a Man but a God ,and was a Triune One.

Another Final Revealation of God?
My Answer is: I will Try myself to reveal them in a vision, soon a God will have a Demi-Gods which means they are son of a God. How was it Possible? If a man crowned to be a God and he will have to sex to many womens and have a sons and daughters and they will called them”Demi-Gods”. Is He Broke The Laws for making sex to many Girls? No, he broke no Laws. Why? Because he will marry them or he will signed a contract with God and have a sinless Life, whether making sex or sex after marriage. He is one who decide.

The Demi-Gods? What are they.
They are the Sons of God. Do they Have a Super-Powers? Yes, but only allowed them by God to use it. What are Possible Powers.? They can make the rain Stop, they can Lavitate, they can Teleportation, They can Fly, and float etc..

What more else?
 They Have Special Ability of Dancing, Singing, martial-arts, and a Drama.
After the Demi-Gods marriage, what are there sons/daughters.? There Sons & Daughters Will be called as Super-Heroes. 

Super Heroes? Is it Real and Exist.? 
If you Believed in Jesus and also to God, its exist soon.
After that What next to be Happen? After Super Heroes Die there power will be heir to their Sons and Daughters.
And The Mortal Wars Will soon to Happen, it is a Battle of human against satan and his minions. Devils and minions will be soon to be mortals.!!!. . .                                                  

On How God Prepared into Possibities of Overthrowning Power?
God Wisdom is endless or unending to studies. The Lust and Sex and Beautiful Babes is unending creation it is very impossible to numbered, The Wisdom of Lust are endless, all was called heaven. And very yummy &  very Delicious… it is Like Food with Different taste but endless. you need try another more so you may feel satisfy on your Life but they are no end. It is called Eternal Life the unending studies.

The Duplication Technique of a God

He was to be in everywhere in this Technique.
God will have to multiply Himself so that he can manipulate/manifest all things and problems.
Whether God has Lost it his Power or was Overthrowned. He was already prepared for this Possibility.
He can also has command all things to be his power or calling the Power that was overthrown. Other Technique was On and Off – God has ability to Turn On and Off his Power. Or another was.. He can Duplicated into millions and Increase the power or helping his duplication to Give Life or Power to his Own.