Friday, December 21, 2012

The Reality Of God

December 21, 2012

The Reality OF God

God is empty mind
God has no emotion
God Feel no Love
God Feel No Fear
God Feel no mercy
God Feel Nothing!!
He is Not an Ordinary God
He is a Multiple Spirit with 288 Persons
God is not Good or Evil but he created them for a simple meaning of Life.
God Wisdom is created.
God have reach Eternities, The Alpha & Omega
Before God created Angels & Man he was already know the Ending.
The Book of Life was already done before mankind created, Our name was Already Written but for those who are wicked are not listed in it. The Judgement was already set. His Judgement was righteous and he is sinless and broke no Laws.. Our Eternity are already arrange by God.

The Questions? About God.

Who Are your Creator?
My Answer: is Jehovah, Holy Spirit and Jesus are Together Who Created Universe and Man.
How God Become Trinity?
My Answer: is God have already a Holy Spirit inside of Him and He has a Son named Jesus inside on a womb of a Father.
How many Persons Does a God?
My Answer: is a God have many part on his inside and it is Known as “Persons” of a face of God like a Twin have the same faces and he is well-known as Trinitarian God.

Who is God?
My Answer is: God is a Spirit with no Flesh, no heart and has no body of a Man.

Who is Jesus?
My Answer is: he is the Son of the Father and He is also a God, his mission is to destroy the work of evil spirits and save mankind into everlasting Destruction and are  way to dispell the cursed of Good & Evil Wisdom that ate by Eve and Adam that Tempted and influence by Satan in the Garden of Eden.

Have God Send Now a days a new Messiah?
My Answer is: Yes, He will Send his Sons and They will be called ”Change of Hearts” The God of Darkness and Lightness” he is One but have two persons of Devil and Angel, They are also Twins but a One God from a womb of a Father.

Is It Possible that a man will be a God?
My Answer is: Yes, it is possible. to make him a God he will be inserted by a Spirits of a God,  This spirits are also God inside of the Father. And They Will Crowned Him “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” because he will save man and Fallen Angels and He will be Angel, Devil and a Man but a God ,and was a Triune One.

Another Final Revealation of God?
My Answer is: I will Try myself to reveal them in a vision, soon a God will have a Demi-Gods which means they are son of a God. How was it Possible? If a man crowned to be a God and he will have to sex to many womens and have a sons and daughters and they will called them”Demi-Gods”. Is He Broke The Laws for making sex to many Girls? No, he broke no Laws. Why? Because he will marry them or he will signed a contract with God and have a sinless Life, whether making sex or sex after marriage. He is one who decide.

The Demi-Gods? What are they.
They are the Sons of God. Do they Have a Super-Powers? Yes, but only allowed them by God to use it. What are Possible Powers.? They can make the rain Stop, they can Lavitate, they can Teleportation, They can Fly, and float etc..

What more else?
 They Have Special Ability of Dancing, Singing, martial-arts, and a Drama.
After the Demi-Gods marriage, what are there sons/daughters.? There Sons & Daughters Will be called as Super-Heroes. 

Super Heroes? Is it Real and Exist.? 
If you Believed in Jesus and also to God, its exist soon.
After that What next to be Happen? After Super Heroes Die there power will be heir to their Sons and Daughters.
And The Mortal Wars Will soon to Happen, it is a Battle of human against satan and his minions. Devils and minions will be soon to be mortals.!!!. . .                                                  

On How God Prepared into Possibities of Overthrowning Power?
God Wisdom is endless or unending to studies. The Lust and Sex and Beautiful Babes is unending creation it is very impossible to numbered, The Wisdom of Lust are endless, all was called heaven. And very yummy &  very Delicious… it is Like Food with Different taste but endless. you need try another more so you may feel satisfy on your Life but they are no end. It is called Eternal Life the unending studies.

The Duplication Technique of a God

He was to be in everywhere in this Technique.
God will have to multiply Himself so that he can manipulate/manifest all things and problems.
Whether God has Lost it his Power or was Overthrowned. He was already prepared for this Possibility.
He can also has command all things to be his power or calling the Power that was overthrown. Other Technique was On and Off – God has ability to Turn On and Off his Power. Or another was.. He can Duplicated into millions and Increase the power or helping his duplication to Give Life or Power to his Own.

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