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The Total Destruction of Satan

The total Destruction of satan
The Ultimate Destruction of Satan 
(April 20, 2013)
In the evening,  God was said that there was a signs coming. and I've just Observed everything
First sign -There was Burning of Houses in 6 pm in The evening.. 
Second signs - There was Flashes of Lightnings Signs From Above.   
Third Signs - Cockroach everywhere 
  Fourth signs - Killed of Large Rat

After Done Praying in The evening, And There was came voices ofSatan, his voices calling me to worship Him, and I saw an Illussions Altar in my room, and HisTrying to Traping me and whispering me to Kneel into His Altar, And he wants me to Have a contract of selling my souls to Him and the demons do the same of Satan, They inserted a thoughtsof worship. until came Flashes of Lightnings Signs from Above. There was been raining, Then Satan quickly Tempting me, They Force me to Worship  and to fall down my knee to the Illussions Altar of Satan. and the rain Falling down on the Ground, They are all in panic and the demons started Shouting and screaming. For just a 2 minutes. There was Happened that didn't not expecting. I Heard groans and moans from Satan and his demons side

The sounds of what I was record was:(whoa whoaaaa..) it was an agony, an acid that impact that create a powerful pain, There was sounds of lesser and Flame From God Almighty, and Satan was burned with his demons. I have Heard Hell, I am Trembling. my senses of Hearing was totally sensitive Then there was a silent, Satan was in sigh's, Then he was said it to me, (edwin Foolish, edwin foolish!!. ). Then he begin cursingGod (usba pa!! usba pa!!! usba pa!!!) < Do again!! Do again!!! Do again!!! And God was answered his wishes, and He Begin to Shout They were All screaming and TorturingBy God, and I've Heard sounds of Knuckles, Satan was Shouting:

( Kill me? Kill me!!! Kill me!!! Kill me God!!! Kill me? kill me? kill me!!! ) The sounds of Powerful Knuckles from God (Tugss Boggss paggssss paggss..) Then it was Faster and Fastier and Fastiest Satan's says: (kill me!!! kill me!!! Kill me!!! Kill me!!!) God was totally in an Anger, continuing punching and without stopping, satan was in an Punching Bag. 

Satan Has Broke The Laws of celestial Rule of God.

He was been in a Trap by God. I heard sounds of Lasers from God Almighty ( tsugss tseegss tseeegs) too crucial, totally in agony Satanwishing to Die from pain, because it was totally Hell, it was impossible to endured that was continuing until Morning, no rest.  

April 21, 2013

 Then I was wake up, and I heard voices from Satan(Kill me!!!! Kill me!!!! Kill me!!!!)  (Kill me!!! kill me God!!! Kill me God!!! Kill me!!!) <continuing> Satan wants to vanish and wishing to Die and begging to God. by an automatic Death but it cannot be found in God. it was merciless, ( I want to Die God, Kill me!!! Kill me!!! The sounds of what I was recording from Satan(Kill me!!! Kill me!! Kill me!!! The next Happened was worst : ( wahh.. ahhg ahg ahg ah...) it was a sounds of Hell. (ah.. Ah.. oah oah..) I am Trembling, I was Heard Hell.. Satan was totally in Torment. Satan is speaking in a Filipino Language of Bisaya.. They are all expert in all Languages of men.. 

(Patya ko.. Patya ko!!! patya ko!!! patya ko..) Bisaya, (Kill me!! Kill me.. Kill me!!! He speak both Filipino and english Language. (wah ahhg ahg ahg ahh.. ah.. ahh.. oah oah... There was sounds of Fire from Hell. (patya ko..!!)  next was amazed me:  (hahaha haha hahaha haha.. hahaha) He is Laughing Like santa's Tickle but evil sounds.  (edwin foolish.. edwin foolish.. haha haha haha haha) He is Laughing with pains. because He can't do anything Only to scream and wish God to kill him.The Demons too was in torture (Tama. nah!!! Tama. nah!!! Tama. nah!! Bisaya (Stop That.. Stop... Stop That... noooo.. ) continuing agony.  And satan was in rest and escape from pain.. but The Punishment was continue Later on.  satan is trembling and He Only do was to Laugh while seeing His demons was in Torture. (haha haha) The Laughing of satan is echoing me all around. That was a powerful voice Like Microphone.. an archenemy's power.. and satan was in torture again(oh.. oh.. ohh..owh... owh..!) demons voices  ( Dili naku. Dili. naku.) Bisaya. ( we refuse.. we refuse..) satan is laughing seeing demons in agony.. Demons says ( Ang Ginoo Gamhanan kaayo.., some demons sayings: criminal) Bisaya.  (God is so very Powerful, other says: criminal) Demons (ahg.. ahg..ahg.. Ginoo malouy ka!!... (ahg.. ahg.. ahg.. Have mercy God!!..)  satan says (Dili.nako mousab!!!! Dili. nako mousab!!!! (I will not repeat .. I will not repeat) God was Full in anger. 

I Heard Demons says(Owning!! First Blood!!) I heard that was from Dota Game of Frozen throne. their sounds was look like them.. (First Blood!!!! Ownich..!!! First Blood!!) (Mega Kill!! Mega Kill!!) They're means was They want to Die, because They Feel extremely pain and undescribale torture from God. The could Only rest up to 5 mins. and still it will be continue Later on. demons whispering: (I can't endure the pain... I want to Die... I want to Die...!!!) some demons says to me: I will not Tempting in you again edwin..(pray me to God) I heard excruciating pain, The Deepest pain you could'nt imagine... They can't resist the pain of The powerful Anger of Almighty God Then crowd of Demons Shouting( Ahg.. Ahg... ah.. ah.. Ahg.. ahg.. ah.. ah..) that was the most insulting torture, I've ever heard from sounds. 

They were raping by an unsual sharp objects, that create powerful pain. that was more than crucifixion  a thousand folds of Hell, I was in Tremble, I was Hearing Hell, I want to pray but I am scared God was in an anger. Satan was totally Destroyed from Flame and from the Destruction,  by all Torment and torture. They are all Destroyed, their flesh was totally open from wounds but no Blood, I could feel Them. There was sounds of powerful Laser, Satan was in  a Total Destruction. (patya na si satanas!!!) (patya nah.!!!(Kill satan!! kill!!!! That was the most worst of ever  worst, because it was a pains of Billions Hell. (patya ko Ginoo ko!!!..) (my God Kill me!!!.. I saw signs from outside The Large Rat was Dead  and Satanechoing me (edwin I will Kill you!!! edwin I will Kill you!! (edwin I will kill you!!! I will Kill You!! ahg.. ah.. ah.. ah.. Satan is still raping by a powerful force of destruction.

I Know now and Understand what really means by Powers  - power is all what in your  thoughts  are making impossible to possible.  
Satan voices (edwin) (I) (will) (Kill) sounds from laser, tsugs tsugs.. ahg ahg.. whoa.. whoa.. (you...) (edwin I can't endure this pain.. free me.. free me..)
Demonscursing me (This was your fault, because of your prayer to destroyed us.. Satan sayings (edwin I'm in pain, This is pain.. edwin.. I can't survive.. i can't survive (edwin.. I want to die, huhu hwoag..) Satanis still raping  (edwin.. I can't take it long.. i can't.. edwin kill me... edwin kill me!!! demons sayings (Kill me God .. kill me God!!! this is your fault boy, This is what you've done (This is your fault!! Stupid!! God Have mercy on us!!) next voice of Satan was  (edwin forgive me.. forgive.. stupid!!! Stupid!!.. Stop that .. stop)  (I can't stand the gross of powerful force) Satan again..(edwin f*ck don't write me a shameful thing)  (I am Destroyed) (I am destroyed) satan was still raping continuing..  (edwin I do not so to live.. i do not so to live..) (God what should I do.. Stop this!!! He cursingGod (God This is too much.. too powerful.. this is severely pain The next happened was too worst, it is getting worst and worst and worst. Satan was in raping, destoyed, in his total pain of Destruction, undescribable  (very pain.. I can't endured the power.. too powerful.. (oah oh.. oahg oah.. ohg oahg.. oah.. ohh.. oahg..oh..)

 (i am totally destroyed.. Please God stop this...very pain.. oahg..) Satan is vomiting  (yawa. na ni ron..)expression of filipino bisayan language.. Satan is vomiting of stool from his inside. (yawa. stool.. stooool... yawa. na ni ron... stoool..) (this is gross.. too gross..) (oh God this is pain..this is pain)  

Many to be write, but that's up for now.  the next happened was so sadly hearing from Satan voices (edwin I want to rest, stop praying to God). (stop praying) 
I wan't to stop but The voices of God was  just continue doing writing so that we have a testimonies.. 

The next happened was too Horror, Satan and his demons shouting (Kill us!! kill us!! more than horrofic films i've ever been heard in my ears, my senses are wide open and sensitive. Satan voices was (We will worship to JE ZEUS.. To JESUS.. to JE ZEUS  ZEUS..) God was still torturing them, until Satan sayings (vengeance... vengeance... vengeance!!! Satanwas in a worst condition.

He was in a chainsaw massacre by a power of God. And The Demons was hiding inside all of cockroach to hide from The anger of God. They were begging to die by an instant death, all demonswas trembling inside all the cockroach, and they can't stand the pain. they were all falling down from the floor..  They tried tempting me, because they can read my thoughts and sees inside me. .  They feel what i feel, but they feel double, they feel me and they also feel pain. they can see everything, they tried tempting so that the Wrath of God will upon me.. I heard Demons talking outside, they are all scared and tremble from the sight. They are inside of men and women hiding, like a place or temple where they can live,  but these men and women were totally Blind of what was really happening Childrens crying everywhere, the demons was inside them, because they can't stand the pain They want to cry from childrens inside, Satan still cursing me (kill that boy..) they are still in torment.. but the evil plan is going throught. This is not from Hallucination, it was a Trap of God for Satan. Satan was in prison in Hell, but soon he will came back out of prisons to Destroyed us into another generations..

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