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The Sex In Heaven

The Sex In Heaven

Part III

A visions of Reality

First Thing to remember about Heaven - is a Place where creations who dwell in the mansions, and there will be streets of Gold that was sorounding by a  radiant Light, and  All the angels were Guarding the Place, all creations are singing, playing, and there have created angels on different forms and looks which appear to have 4 wings, 6 wings, and  also 8 -12- winged angels.
There'll be a private place where the secrets is hidden in the Kingdom and that was
Sex In Heaven. You could'nt ask for more if we get there in the fantasy of magical world of God. The Only Thoughts that's what will came to our mind is Joyful and Happiness.

Things to be remember when we are in Heaven :
1. Joyful & happiness is a creation
2. The Life is Changes everyday
3. Wisdom is endless
4. Talent is an art of God
5. sadness and broken hearted was a part of Test.
6. Life has no ending.
7. God is the Completeness of Everything.
8. Make a Wish
9. You will have a new ability to record your Life like visions.
10. Heavens is countless

The God and his Goddesses
The God with his Persons

Raina and Shaiya

In the Story of Goddesses Ettaine she was divided into two : 
One of Light and One of Darkness. 

Shaiya is a Goddesses of a multiple being of two persons of Light and Dark. In the Wisdoms of all Wisdoms they were existed a Godlike. The God Has many wives some of them have wings and others has an angelical beauty. I have Shown many things of what was the appearance of Babes in Heaven. The Babes in Heaven could really be Attractful by our natural eyes and their body parts were very Tempting, each of them is Differently to the others, the private parts were so nice to look but I could'nt look any longer, I was  feel shyness, Tempting and Ignorant. I will be explode on my Lust of seeing this beautiful creations. I have studied each of them, this was the arts of Lust, they are so nice to look, uncomparable to the women on earth because they are Only Ordinary but the Heavenly Babes is so Gorgeous, and if I get into research of what was the most naked Gorgeous women but could not find any match with this. The eyes so Tempting that could really be attractful, even their voices so powerful. when talking of Sex they were expert of everything, Touching, Body Language and Lips, and also an eye contact. They has a special abiltity to turn their whole body into Lust and change the aura to Lustful, When they Dance sexy I could be burst, My Heart has Change into Desires of Flesh I could not resist into orgasm. They are Like Foods very yummy, everyday I feel Different kind of lust, very meaningful. I remember my Life in College, I was in a night club the Babes Dancing sexy and the Temptations so Close, the womens saying' touch mine'. oh no what should i do I am virgin, I am a religious person and I fear God and Im not let myself doing this sinful things. greatfully i have passed the Test Of Temptations. I have notice it. that the Night Club girls has a Demons working with it and couldn't be trace by anyone if they were really seized them nor they exist. but convince me belief that they are controlling over them, ahmm.. way back to my previous Girlfriend when ♥ I am with her together   in the Kaamulan Festival, I have noticing two People on my behind then my Girlfriend was ♥ flirting me , The One said: your Girlfriend is flirting you, so take this oppurtunity, the other one: yes take him in a one side. but I don't really know that they were demons, but my girlfriend noticing it, oh is your neighbor? no! I don't Know them, they are Strangers!!. 

Dreams and Visions

When I was Dreaming I saw Gorgeous womens, I see a beautiful women the appearance is can’t explain by my two eyes it looks like her hair was a corn and has many seeds of a golden color she have a greecian dresses totally beautiful and her skin is too white with a reddish color, She tour me in Heaven his voices and his accent too lovely, we were holding while seeing womens passing us. All is beautiful and I was the Only man with surrounding by a gorgeous womens oh.. Heaven I love Heavens, they have Different auras that could attract myself to them but the Girl who have with me is an aura who could with me for all eternity.

Another visions showed me, It was like a dimensional world, I saw naked Babes  no man was around but Gorgeous womens. They were playing Games in a stadium and they were so naked, the culture is uncomparable to us this is not what like earthly things but differently so unique, their accent of voices is what considered them an aliens or outside from our eternity.

The next visions was I saw a Babes an Angelic being and they’re  trying to tempting me, they were also naked with holding a bow and arrow they were supposed to be my wives and they treat me like an archangel, so tempting with their voices and actions. Then on the other darkside was a babes demons they’re supposed to be a rivalry of angels on me, They were trying to rape me and tempted me by this demon babes but too shyful for me How could this be a demon women could rape a person like me… 

The visions of Sex In Heaven
The visions of a Heavenly creations, i was showing Heavens and There was a Throne who are someone sitting on it and it is God, He was sorrounded by a Glamourous womens and they were Dancing simultaneously, and i Heard a Drum that will fits to them, and He was revealed me that Gorgeous womens is a creations where no end, a countless. There must be gorgeous than gorgeous than this and this is no end. and suddenly I was seeing a beatuiful place and the Heavenly Babes I saw was naked, and i was Puzzled, I was seeing myself There, oh what is this!! I was sorrounding by them and myself was running away, I was very powerless, This Glamourous womens was possess it by Lust, They are Hunger of Sex, and I knew why I was runnning away, it is God who made me coward and scraredful for Sex. and I was Caught up, and overwhelmed by a Lust, and squirt.

 Then another vision Showed me

The Sex Place a Place where in Heaven doing Intercourse, those who will be Greater from Sex, will be The Goddesses of Sex, and those who will be great in Lust and Temptations will win and  rewarded and she will be possesses by a Powerful Lust and Wisdoms of it. I saw visions of sexual activities in That Place. 
The Partners are so active in the act of expressing themselves, The orgasm is continuous into his Deepest Pleasures, a such thing that should'nt be stop, Squirts on All over the Place,This was the Heavenly Greatest Pleasures. The Total Attractivenesss of Temptations was overpowering in the Heavens, This was not a sin, This is from the Approval of Almighty God, even Angels Allowed to be Watchers over them. if this was not Allowed, it  be considered an incomplete Eternity for Heavens of Eternal Enjoyment. Life is Just A Game Like How we Played it, together with a mate.

The 300 Sex Instructors In Heaven
There was an Institutions in Heavens in which, They were Teaching The Different Technique of Sex, Only The First Timer will be teach up, those who do the Sex on Earth without Obeying The Rules of the 10 Commandments and also Sex Without Marriage will not be Allowed in it. They Have a Record Already from your past Life, it be considered as dirty or wicked people who disobey the God. and not parcipated for his Great Plan of Arranging Eternities and not Preaching the Gospel.

There are Two Kind of Sex: The Good & Evil, but Good person who have Sex without mariage are considered Evil but Evil person who have Sex After Marriage are considered Good.

We Cannot Deny the Fact that Sex are Exist Everywhere but as long You Know God and forget yourself and Follow Jesus Christ will be Nothing Happened to you, Remember God Jesus is Virgin as what He said: Be Holy Because I am Holy, which means be clean and not be Tempted, Only You Follow The Orders from 

As What  God Jehovah says this to you?
-Be Virgin for I am Holy and is Imppossible to sin.

The 300 Sex Instructors - Actually I know Nothing from them, but they were The Girls of  My Dreams, and They are My Wives and My Sex Instructors. Jesus Tells me: that After I Die at the Age of 32, I will be undergoing by a Sex Instructors, as Long as I wanted, He will Gave me Shaiya My #. 300 Sex Instructors. She's the Girl of My Dreams. God created me to reach All My Desires and not be led into astray.

The Arts of Lust

Will There Be Sex In Heaven? If I will be The God, I will not allowed you to it.  Myself would be better for my own pleasure then you are not worthy, I saw yourself before you know of yourself. In the eyes of me you are a foolish  creations knowing Good and Evil. Since the desires of Lust could not be entrusted by any of you, I, The God will not Allowed you In of The Sex In Heaven. Only me and Myself and my chosen Ones would be worthy of the Sex In Heaven. Those who are not virgins will be in the outside of my playground. 

- Almighty God

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  1. All that, earthling, and moe
    (sez Curly) is in Seventh-Heaven.

    I believe the human population
    MUST allow pro-creation of the
    cosmos - why not if the Words
    spoken to Saint Gertrude by
    Jesus still bear Truth?

    The prayer begins...
    'It is impossible that anyone
    should not receive ALL that he
    has believed and hoped to obtain...'

    This lifetime is o-so-short;
    this lifelong demise is
    quickly passing away...
    eternity is much larger
    than our teeny-tiny universe.
    So why NOT love...
    and gain Heaven Above??
    Better than hate which ol Lucifer whom
    Almighty God has chained like a snarlin
    pitbull with gymnastic finesse.

    trustNjesus, earthling...
    and win Seventh-Heaven.
    You'll have a blast N a half
    for infinite E T E R N I T Y
    as you goto an exotic, erotic,
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